Of Beets and Other Listening Devices

“It has never been my object to record my dreams, just to realize them.”
— Man Ray

Photo by Nick Collins on Unsplash

One morning in January 2009 I woke with the following dream fresh in my mind, a dream about beets. Some of the dreams I have are complete stories, others are fragments, scenes or simply images. Unlike artist Man Ray, it was indeed my object to record my dreams. To realize them, I’m not so sure.

I’d developed the habit of keeping a dream journal when I was in junior high school. For six years I wrote hundreds of pages of detail images, scenes and stories. At the time that I began it I felt that my night life, or subconscious imagination, was far more interesting than my mundane suburban existence.

The habit (of recording my dreams, not of dreaming) eventually dissipated when I went to college. Occasionally, however, as a young artist I would paint a scene from a dream. I remember one painting I’d done, four feet by six feet vertical, of two boys in swimsuits looking at a floating mattress. It was an image from a dream that must have been quite evocative because 45 years later a fellow art student said he still remembered that painting.

So, in January 2009 I woke with a dream scene involving president elect Barack Obama. The image was of a steak being served in the White House. Also on the plate was what appeared to be a slice of beet. In actuality, it was a listening device developed by the CIA or some other secret government organization that deals with secret things like listening devices. They were especially proud of this one, because it was so real that if you ate it, it could be chewed and eaten just like a beet. No evidence left behind.

They had several other such devices they were working on, all of them food items. A slice of cucumber, a slice of tomato. The tomato slice was totally juicy looking.

Honestly, I don’t know what any of it means, but upon waking it was fun to ponder. What are you pondering today? Does it have anything to do with eating your vegetables?

Have a great day. And keep dreaming. It’s one of the most original things any of us can do.

Originally published at pioneerproductions.blogspot.com

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