Our National Carjacking Epidemic and a Few Prevention Tips

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Ed Newman
5 min readFeb 11, 2022


Courtesy Chicago Police Department

By now I assume that you’ve heard that our country is in the midst of a carjacking epidemic. What concerns me is how many of these brazen events are happening in public places.

Stealing cars is nothing new. What’s new is the audacity. Victims aren’t just having their vehicles stolen from their driveways after dark. Victims are being assaulted while pumping gas or just sitting at a traffic light. What’s worse is that they are getting stabbed, pistol whipped, knocked out or punched in the face.

For me, the biggest surprise of all seems to be how many of these crimes are being committed by teenagers.

Here are a few stories from a recent news feed:

After dragging their victim, carjackers crash vehicle in the LGD and flee, police say —

Man charged in armed ride-share carjacking on I-80 — FOX 32 Chicago

Carjacking victim: I’m angry, but I feel sad for these kids |

Uber Driver Shot Twice During Mayfair Carjacking: Police — CBS Philly

NH man gets at least 12 years in fatal carjacking assault — WCAX

Man injured in carjacking at Cleveland gas station

The other night, after seeing a carjacking notice on Twitter, I decided to do a Twitter search on “carjacking” to see what would show up. Here’s what I found.


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot blames increase in carjackings on schools shifting to remote learning due to COVID-19: “There was a correlation between remote learning and the rise in carjacking …”

Just saw a post today where Walz said that carjackers shouldn’t be put in jail. Somebody is going to get killed. And even then I doubt they will do anything. Walz has to go. Maybe won’t have to worry about Frey, demonstrators today are wanting him gone.. got to love that.

Carjacking and shots were fired. 39xx Drew Ave S Suspects: Hispanic M’s in dark clothing. Loss: black Dodge Challenger, plate AHE946 Squad 570



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