Punctuality is also a military thing. My dad was in the service at end of WW2 and for him it was expected. “We’re leaving at 4 a.m.” was the instruction, and at 4 a.m. sharp we were pulling out the driveway.

Having lived in two other countries, it was certainly an amusing thing to discover that when invited to “dinner” at 8 pm, they did not know what to do with us when we arrived at 8 and they were busy making a meal that they expected to serve at 10. I think the “muy importante” person showed up at 11.

When a meeting is held in the board room and 6 people with six figure incomes are waiting for a seventh, their time really is being wasted. Of course the whole meeting could be considered a waste of time quite often, so … there you have it.

Thanks for the comment.

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