Since being banished from Eden, there is no real “place” that qualifies as a Promised Land. So it is that Eden, the Land of Promise, is an idea that means something to people. The Pilgrims who came from England were refugees seeking a place where they could be free to worship as they please. Freedom is the dream. Unfortunately that longing for freedom got hijacked by a bastardized version of the dream in which people want wealth in order to . “buy freedom.”

The brokenness in America only parallels the brokenness in the world. “Man’s inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn,” wrote Robert Burns. The horrors committed in the name of an ideal are many… from the Inquisition to the Moors to the Trail of Tears to Bangladesh to Tiananmen Square to Afghanistan… to all the battles for power once the Colonialists let go and retreated from every continent to Saudi Arabia… .

The Pilgrims weren’t the first refugees… all seeking something that will never be found in this world because the world is broken. How we deal with this realization is another matter.

In the fantasy/fiction Wizard of Oz, Dorothy clicks her Ruby Slippers a repeats, “There’s no place like home.” Why doe this resonate with audiences so deeply? Because at root there is a kernel of truth in there… We are each restless, and to some extent far from home, from something Edenic to which we long to return.

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