Six Lessons for Leaders from General Stonewall Jackson’s Shenandoah Campaign

“You may be whatever you resolve to be.”

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  1. Do not feed your fears. They will only grow larger, sometimes to monstrous proportions.
  2. Fear is irrational. You can’t reason with it. So don’t try.
  3. Whereas emotions cannot be controlled directly, your thoughts can be. Your mind is like a railroad engine. Once your thoughts are put on track the rest of the train cars will follow.
  4. Great leaders operate from a higher purpose and know how to remain cool under pressure. Rather than reacting out of fear to every frenzied report from the front, they strive to give proper weight to what they see and hear, and act in accordance with the bigger picture.
  5. Both Grant and Jackson were original thinkers and men of action who took initiative. They understood the objectives that would achieve their aims, and did whatever it took to achieve these ends.

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