Seven More With Seventeen Syllables

Notes and scribbles from 2002.

“Ridge Walking at Dawn” — Photo courtesy John Heino Photography.

With weary hunger
the longing heart savors hope;
dreaming, believing.

Spread your wings, red bird,
Follow the tug of your heart;
The sky’s the limit.

Misty dawn breaking,
feasting beside still waters;
rapturous pasture.

Island in the stream
emerging from waters dark
in dawn’s golden light.

I painted this scene
in a previous lifetime;
Placid perfection.

Sinking pinpoint orb
abandons us… we enter
the abyss called night.

I hold out my hand
to release a captive bird —
my heart flying free.

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An avid reader who writes about arts, culture, literature & other life obsessions. @ennyman3 Look for my books on Amazon

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