“The unexamined life is not worth living.” — Socrates

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For seven years I belonged to a small group of business professionals called the M5. We would meet to challenge one another, to be a personal board of directors for our careers, and to hold one another accountable for the goals we set for ourselves.

Many invaluable lessons were learned. Many additional tools were added to my life toolkit.

Illustration by the author.

The following ten power questions were shared at one of these meetings. Unfortunately I did not see an attribution in my notes, and when I Googled “Ten Power Questions” I came up with many other sets of questions, but not these. So, if you know the source, please add a comment so we can give proper acknowledgement.

Each is worth further reflection. Perhaps you’ll find them as meaningful as I.

Ten Power Questions

1) When am I most myself? What people, places, and activities allow me to feel most fully myself?

2) What is one thing I could stop doing, or start doing, or do differently, starting today that would most improve the quality of my life?

3) What is my greatest talent?

4) How can I get paid for doing what I love?

5) Who are my most inspiring role models?

6) How can I best be of service to others?

7) What is my heart’s deepest desire?

8) How am I perceived by: my closest friend, my worst enemy, my boss, my children, my co-workers, etc.

9) What are the blessings of my life?

10) What legacy would I like to leave?

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