Thanks for the comment and questions. There is no single answer to the question because we all work in different sized markets and offer different kinds of products and services.

What this means for every entrepreneur and executive with decision making authority is to do the necessary homework to identify a strategy best for their situation.

Example that stands out: Notice the demographic for Snapchat. It’s apparent that if you are selling hearing aids, that platform is not reaching your demographic. And MAYBE no social media platform is reaching your target so a different marketing strategy is required.

For 35 years I have looked at Marketing as an multi-legged table that includes advertising, PR, trade shows/events, media, direct mail, newsletters/literature, etc. The Internet came along and added another leg and Web 2.0 (social media evolved from that. Identifying one’s target audience and reaching them through the channels that touch them is key.

More could be said here, but ultimately we need to do our own homework because there is no universal answer, no one size fits all. There are 15 million businesses run by entrepreneurs with 30 million employees (45 Million!) and their strategies will be different from Ford, Pepsi, Delta or Boeing.

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