The New Moon

The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind. — Sigmund Freud

This is a dream I had early last week. In my dream NASA has discovered a tiny new moon that is in orbit around earth’s moon. I am an astronaut in the space program who has been assigned to land on and explore this new moon.

It’s quite amazing no one had observed it before, but it has some unusual characteristics. First, it doesn’t seem to reflect light.

Another unusual feature is that it is only 17 miles in circumference, a super tiny heavenly body.

I am in a small one man lander and as I get close it seems to be very bright on the one side and I have to shield my eyes. Upon impact I awake.


As is often the case in dreams, something we recently saw or experienced appears in our dreams. It’s like our waking experiences become fodder for our subconscious. Hence, it seems that the movie Ad Astra, which I’d seen recently, was the initial catalyst for this outer space theme.

The second item that I find noteworthy is the numeral 17. Why 17 miles in circumference?

The answer to this may be found in the Alhambra. A Portuguese artist whom I have been following for close to decade shared with me that “there are only 17 modes of geometrically dividing a Euclidian bi-dimensional plane and these are shown in the extraordinary Islamic designs of the Alhambra.” References to the Alhambra emerged in our discussion of her 2015 work, Symmetry’s Portal.

Since that time the number 17 has had a special fascination for me.

The idea of a small undiscovered moon conveys a sense in which we continue to live in a universe filled with mysteries.

Or maybe the small moon is a reference to some recent pains I’ve had causing me anxiety about having another kidney stone.

The shape of the moon was unusual, too, more elongated than spherical. Like the lunar surface it was not all smooth, and though I woke on impact it wasn’t a smooth landing.

How well do you remember your dreams?

The White Tiger

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