The problems are complex. In theory people say this is a glorious time because we have so much data on customers etc. But that is totally deceptive. Check out the book How to Lie with Statistics.

Another falsehood is that we should identify what consumers want and create products accordingly. But what if we have something that is a true solution to a real problem and no one knows they would want it yet… Companies need to educate the market, too.

Your statement (that I highlighted) that we give special pricing to new customers but nothing to loyal is a problem I have seen more than once. Why not focus on taking the customers who love us and turn them into evangelists for us?

Thanks for the note. Just because a lot of people have thrown common sense out the window does not mean the future is bleak.

It does seem silly when one’s success one time is suddenly turned into a Book and marketed as if this was the greatest thing ever.

More could be said.

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