The title is misleading. In the article you do qualify it but when you say this is the worst for women a whole batch of examples come to mind…. such as genital mutilation that is practiced in other parts of the world (more than 200 million women on receiving end of this according to WHO) and just the expectation in parts of Africa that women must submit to sex whenever men want (cf. A Bend in the River by Nobel prize winner V S Naipaul)

In China the “one child law” has been lifted but the way it was enforced was to have IUDs inserted after one birth. The State is invading women’s bodies in a pretty extreme way there, imho.

When I lived in Mexico (where there was no birth control allowed) women could end up having babies till their uteruses came out (prolapsed uterus)…. We worked at an orphanage and there were a hundred ways women were on the losing end due to machisimo and Catholocism combined.

When I lived in Puerto Rico, the women I knew there said American women have it pretty good. (I am only saying what they said.) It is all a matter of perspective.

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