The Virtue of Discipline

“The pain of self-discipline will never be as great as the pain of regret.” — Anon.

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Winners and Losers

We live in an era where the word competition is under attack. The reality is, competition brings out the best in us. When we compete in a tournament, something is at stake. That something inspires us to work harder to be better, whether it be soccer, chess or poker. If “everyone wins” the end result is to make everyone a loser. Why try when you know being better makes no difference?

Addicted to Self-Indulgence

The Nike slogan, “Do It” shouldn’t be interpreted to mean “Do whatever pops into your head.”

One of the reasons we’re so undisciplined in our culture is that we’ve lost sight of the value of discipline as being a means to a higher purpose: to become our better selves.

THIS BLOG POST was triggered by an article I saw on The Ladders about bad habits we must break to improve our lives. The opening paragraph was right on point.

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