There is a problem… and I don’t know the solutionn.

When I was young there were times when I was ashamed of the way some guys treated women. And it is not a bad thing to address bad behavior, from date rape to bullying.

But when years later I became a father, with a son and a daughter, my wife and I began to notice in the 90s that a shift was taking place in the culture. It seemed that the emergence of women was a good thing (we had a daughetr and wanted her to have all the options life could give any person) but some of it was at the expense of men. It was as if human potential were a finite pie and in order for women to win, men had to lose.

There were books and articles that subtly diminished boys, and others less so subtle about males. We noticed this and discussed it some.

What concerns me is how evidence is out there about boys not graduating school, being more delinquent, more in prison, etc. And how the lack of a male parent is a contributing factor.

Here’s an example from USA Today today:

I guess I find it disturbing that 40% of children are being raised with a single parent today in this country. It used to be 10% in the 60s.

All this to say I am all for women having more power, but it doesn’t have to be at the expense of men.

As for the Gillette ad, I’m curious why this became such a big story. Then again, that may be because I’m surprised that people still watch TV. The Renaissance was supposed to have been an Enlightenment.

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