There is so much wrong with this article that it makes me truly sad that so many people have clapped for it. DISCLAIMERS: 1. I have had a 30 year career in advertising. 2. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly, and I am not naive about the profession…. However, here are a few thoughts to think about.

You begin by saying that advertising is about one thing: Manipulation. Are you suggesting that people have no responsibility for the decisions they make because they absolutely can’t help themselves? The agency that can produce those kinds of results would be kings of the universe. If only it were only that simple.

Blaming advertising is like like blaming our parents or our peers for our bad decisions.

I used to have a list on my wall of the various purposes of advertising. The list included, To Inform. To Educate. To Persuade.

You somehow make an assertion that old time advertising was more honest. It was obvious they were trying to sell. Are you saying that the public has become increasing stupid over time and don’t realize today that advertisers have an agenda? Yes they want to sell… and in fact, before laws were passed requiring truth in advertising, all kinds of BS was pawned off on a gullible public. P.T. Barnum said more than a century ago that a sucker was born every minute.

You write, “In the 21st century, you can hardly find any sincerity or truth in advertising.” The only accurate thing in this statement is that in the 21st century there have been shifts in advertising… In many circles advertising has evolved to be little more than branding. Super Bowl commercials are a case in point. It doesn’t matter how silly or sentimental an ad is, as long as a good feeling is generated and we (the viewer) associate it with brand, that is the goal in many instances.

Going back to truth in advertising, I once produced a radio spot that aired nationally on CBS radio affiliate stations and I was required to submit documentation for 13 of the assertions I made in a 60 second spot. The radio station would be accountability, and my company was accountable for the accuracy of our claims.

This stringent requirement — to have facts all documented — is a contributing factor toward the move to focus on feelings. I mean how much can McDonald’s really say about their burgers that you don’t already know? So they show a pair of golden arches and pop the words “Lovin’ It” on a screen. How evil is this really? Why are you watching TV anyways when there is a whole world of activity out there, invalids you can visit and elderly who need the leaves raked in their yards?

If you want to talk about manipulating the masses, let’s talk about PR. I’ve written quite a bit about that, too… It used to be called Propaganda, until some guy name Goebbels gave propaganda a bad name.

By means of propaganda the U.S. has conducted wars and overthrown rightfully elected leaders. It’s much more veiled than advertising, which is more in your face.

Sorry for the rant… and much more could be said. I just don’t see it the way you apparently do.

An avid reader who writes about arts, culture, literature & other life obsessions. @ennyman3 Look for my books on Amazon

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