These kinds of things are written as if each generation is a homogenous unit. Not every hippie turned into a yuppie driving a Beemer. Since less than 30% were going to college 70% were of a different ilk. Just as generations are non-homogenous, likewise Americans are as different as red and blue, green and purple.

So when you say half the old hippies now salivate for authoritarianism, you are suggesting now that Boomers were all hippies. When I was in school in the 60’s I knew hippies who though they believed in non-violence they carried a knife to protect themselves from the greasers and hoods who hated hippies. It was actually courageous to be a hippie for a while…. The idealist hippies actually stood for something, which included peace, brotherly love, care for the earth… and when these idealists saw their peers chase the next fad (consumerism) it left us more than just a little disappointed.

In short , the truth is often too nuanced to be defined that succinctly.

Nevertheless, I liked the metaphor and a few nice sentences and food for thought.

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