UFOs and the Paranormal: Bill Rebane’s From Roswell With Love

“This was no ordinary UFO. Scores of people saw it. It was no illusion, no deception, no imagination.”

One evening while driving home after dark I saw a row of lights overhead that seemed to be hovering. It turned out to be an airplane slowly descending for the airport nearby, but when I first saw it it seemed like the lights were stationary, not moving. Even when I figured out they were moving the plane seemed to be going so slow it was startling to me that it kept huffing forward and didn’t just fall out of the sky.

I know from my travels that there’s a huge amount of mass there with all the metal and luggage and people on board. I never realized exactly how much but one website says a Boeing 737 weighs about 90,000 pounds, and the fuel at takeoff an additional 40,000 pounds plus 20,000 more for the passengers and cargo.

How do planes stay up up in the air like that? Actually, it’s just a matter of physics, which most of us hardly understand. And ultimately, its a matter of trust when you’re one of the passengers.

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“Man’s Fate” by the author.

The same with ocean liners and cruise ships. Look how massive these things are, yet instead of sinking they float. How does that work? The answer again is physics.

We don’t really have to understand physics to appreciate its benefits. Air transportation, cruise ship vacations, space travel… the scientists of our world have done the hard part, and we’re the beneficiaries of the outcomes.

There are a lot of mysteries in the world. Why do some material things have life and other not? Where is the line between living and non-living? Even simple things like intelligence are inexplicable. Where is the line between thinking and and non-thinking beings? For example, humans have a brain, so do dogs, and on down the chain till certain living creatures have no brain at all but only react to stimuli.

What about black holes? Who can understand that mystery? And then we have these mysteries surrounding UFOs. The stories are endless. What do all those testimonials of inexplicable lights amount to? What’s really under wraps in Area 51?

This last question is the springboard into Bill Rebane’s sci fi novel From Roswell With Love, the title clearly a take-off on Ian Fleming’s From Russia With Love.

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Author, film director, producer Bill Rebane. Photo by the author.

Born in Latvia, 1937, the author’s family fled their Latvia home when the Red Army rolled West in 1944, settling in West Germany after the war. Like most who grew up in Eastern Europe, Rebane spoke several languages. Estonian and Latvian, his parent’s tongues, as well as German and Russian. Only eight years old when the war ended he eventually learned English by watching television in Germany. He came to the States from Germany in 1952, eventually creating a career for himself in the movie business.

While still in his early 20’s he brought to Hollywood a new technology for producing a 360-degree filming using a single camera. (They were previously using 16 cameras shooting out like spokes from a wheel axle.) This made him a millionaire. Once you get let the movie bug bite you it’s hard to shake it.

In the 1960’s Rebane moved his family to Central Wisconsin where he transformed 200-acres into his own movie studio where he wrote, produced and directed campy horror films like The Giant Spider Invasion. A stroke in 1989 forced him to close the studio, and for a time his family lived in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. (UP)

Knowing Bill Rebane’s backstory helped me see From Roswell With Love in a different light. The chapters are short, each one designed to move the story forward. In fact, as I read the 248-page novel, it had the feel of being written to be produced as a film. Rebane, who has directed 10 feature length films, actually did write the novel as a screenplay first.

The setting for much of the story is a bed and breakfast in the Upper Peninsula. A mysterious stranger arrives in the dead of winter, not your usual season for visitors to this remote area. Then again, Arturo Smith is not your usual guest either.

As the title suggests, the novel attempts to unravel the backstory on what really happened at Roswell, what the government has concealed from the public and what it really means for planet earth.

It’s no secret that our country has more than its share of secrets. Can there be more to the UFO crash of 1947 than our government’s claim that it was “just a weather balloon”? Though “thoroughly debunked” there’s still a conviction among many that something real has been covered up. Bill Rebane sets about to give a glimpse of what really happened, based on facts obtained from government sources and the International Starlight Society. Or is this, too, just another fiction?

Disclaimer: The book is self-published. Considering how interesting the story is, some readers will be put off by the lack of editing and many errors in the printed version. On the other hand, once you accept this and overlook it, the book is an easy, engaging read.

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