I addressed this issue from a different angle here in another article titled Eudaemonia vs. Hakuna Matata in A Philosopher’s Stone.

That Hideous Strength is the third in a sci-fi trilogy. It’s the climax and though the previous books are helpful, and stet the stage, they are not essential to this novel as a standalone.

In the paper I wrote 40 years ago on the three prescient novels, the common denominator was the dehumanizing of our personhood. Making our wills passive, minds mindless and emotions flattened or overstimulated in the case of Orwell, but entirely unnatural to healthy emotions.

My brother is a psychologist and the Freud quote connected because we live in a “Fix Me” culture where we do not want to assume responsibility and be partners with the doctor or therapist to solve our problems.

So the shrink prescribes Prozak and the doctor gives a pill…. “Why worry? Happy again.”

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