Well, after a lifetime of business travel I am glad that flying is not as abhorent to me as to you, though I do have certain peeves and a preference for aisle seats.

On the other hand, portions of your story sound a little like my abhorence of travelling through Chicago. It isn’t just by plane, but also by bus, car and train. I have been through the Windy City via all those forms of travel and when I can avoid it, I do. It is inevitably a hassle. My family lives out East and I am in Minnesota, so when I drive… well if it is between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. I might go thru… but otherwise, when I hit Rockford I head South to pick up Interstate 70, which is clear sailing.

And don’t get me started on O’Hare.

Thanks for the memories.

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