What I’d written was in response to the sense of awe I had with regard to the massive expanse of a universe which was still revealing mysteries on a scale beyond comprehension.

Your comment about the Triune Godhead is a good one because it touches the very centrality of the stumbling block for Muslims who believe the Bible is a sacred book, but “How could God die?” They do not grasp that Jesus was fully God and fully many. (The concept of death coming thru the first Adam and deliverance from the curse through the second.)

The problem of the church is problem the biggest issue for earnest Christians today. There are so many actions of the church that are problematic, just as the Lord had problems with what the Jewish leaders had become (hence the story of the Good Samaritan.) The lack of compassion and lack of mercy was appalling to Jesus.

One of my biggest problems that I have with all organizations is this one: “My country right or wrong” and “My union right or wrong” and “My Party right or wrong” and “Christians right or wrong.” The prophetic voice has to say, “Wrong is wrong” and when Christian stir hate or support hate talk and hate behavior, that is wrong. “The one who does not love does not know God for God is love,” John wrote.

In my circles I do not see a lot of Christians who hate. The problem comes frequently when things get political. Power corrupts.

Much more could be said… but time to start the day.

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