What is meant by poverty today is different than the abject poverty of the real poor. My father grew up poor. 6 kids in 3-room house, outhouse, no bathroom or shower. No closets because the 6 kids slept in the living room. (Grandma and grandpa got the bedroom.)

I have a friend who grew up poor in the 60s… two families in one house. 20 kids. Boys got one bedroom, girls the other, parents the third. One dress for the whole school year, washed by hand every day. No running water inside the house… they had to use outhouses and pump the water.

The irony is that in the 80s Ronald Reagan was criticized for this very interesting comment: (I paraphrase) “The rest of the world wants to drag us down to its level. We want to lift it up to ours.” What he was criticized for was that to make the rest of the world richer would mean making them into consumers and use up resources. America should use “less” … we were TOO WEALTHY and Consuming Too Much.

Remove all the 1 percenters and you would still have more than a million boat owners in Michigan and Florida and Minnesota (land of 15,000 lakes)

You can’t get agreement on a solution without properly identifying the problem.

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