What Was the Best Acted Movie Scene of All Time?

“Did you order the Code Red?”

I love the color of the sky here. (Photo by Vincentas Liskauskas on Unsplash)

I personally think Twitter is underrated. As a source of information it’s a bit of a Wild West, but that’s OK because all other media has an agenda, therefore it curates the stories it features to serve its own ends.

As a source of entertainment, too, Twitter is endlessly entertaining. People are simply so imaginative and you see it displayed in the memes and other things shared there. It’s also interactive. People ask questions or share things and the responses can take you all kinds of places.

This morning this question captured my attention: What is the best-acted movie scene of all time and why?

Before you read the answers by others, what scenes come to mind for you? The first that came to mind for me was that scene around the dining room table in August, Osage County when all the revelations come out. Not sure why that one came to mind first because after reading through part of this list I agreed with numerous other selected moments.

The opening scene from Inglorious Basterds has to be on of the great scenes of all time. The tension! If I were to create a pool of ten, this would be in that list.

Someone else selected Judy Garland singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” and I would concur that the emotion she conveyed was palpable. That song from The Wizard of Oz was later selected as the number one song of the century by at least one selection committee.

A third scene that someone suggested: that courtroom scene with Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men. It wasn’t just Nicholson’s tirade that was powerful acting, but the subtle ways in which he went from confident to seething beneath the surface as he was prodded by Cruise.

At this point I started thinking about how many great moments that Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson and Tom Hanks alone have given us. So many exceptional and noteworthy scenes. The best of the best are worth their weight in gold.

Here’s the link:

Read through the list. I’m confident it will stimulate many rewarding memories for you as well.

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