What’s In A Name? A Batch of People With Interesting Medium Profiles

You know what they say about first impressions.

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When I was in Bible school we had Homiletics teacher named Leroy Dugan who shared many a memorable story. For those unfamiliar with the word, homiletics is a fancy grown-up word for “the art of preaching.”

One of the key ideas that Mr. Dugan strove to instill in us through various means was this one: Don’t be Boring. “Boring” is practically a cardinal sin for preachers, and the same can be said for writers. One difference between preachers and writers is that it’s very uncomfortable to walk out in the middle of a boring sermon, but very easy to set a book, article or blog post aside. It happens every day.

Here’s a story that will give you and idea what kind of preacher he himself had been. He was doing the sawdust trail thing, doing revival meetings from town to town as was common in the Fifties and Sixties. One one occasion, despite the publicity for a week of meetings, he arrived the first night to an empty room. Four people? Six? Ten?

I wasn’t there but it’s hard to get into your act without an audience. Sizing up the situation — a week of meetings in a strange town and no audience — he decided to come into the sanctuary from the back of the room and walk to the front on his hands.

Maybe nowadays they’s accuse him of clickbait-type antics, but it did work to draw a crowd the following evening. I’m sure it wasn’t the only trick in his playbook. The point, to be clear, is Don’t Be Boring.

I bring all this up for a reason. I enjoy following other writers on Medium, but especially enjoy reading their brief self-descriptions on their personal profile pages.

Whether on Medium, Twitter or Linked-In your profile is something to give a little thought to.

Here are some examples of Medium profiles that intrigued me. Are they great writers? You don’t know till you read them, but their introductory remarks certainly peaked my interest.

I want to be with those that know secret things or else alone.
Barry Hibbs

Don’t wait till you are about to die, invest now.
Rachel Burcin

Lyf is ful of choices sumtymz we WIN and sumtymz we LOSE | Student of Life | Lover of New Experiences.
Joshua Sunshine

A short and angry ice-cream man who denies his Neapolitan complex.
Jared Dunne

Writer and Filmmaker trying to tell great stories in this crazy world. Technology, cars, art, design, music, and learning new things.
Taylor Tyler

a twelve course meal of crossed wires.
Rhea Baweja

Mathematician, data scientist, equestrian, photographer, birder. I enjoy looking for patterns.
John Hurley

Daft as a brush, loyal to a fault Views are mostly my human companion’s, sometimes mine but typing is difficult for me so I have to convince him first.
Felice Manganiello

Writer. Wanderer. Wonderer. 58, going on 28. Age is how others categorize you. It’s not who you are
Bob Beacham

• • Outputting thoughts as they emerge from inside •• vi veri universum vivus vici :}
Fernando Ribeiro Aguilar

In 2020, #1 on my to-do list is becoming my own best friend! ❤ Lovingkindness Meditation Teacher ❤#mindfulness #heartcentered #wellness #radicalcompassion
renee tarantowski

As I was saying… Once you’ve gotten our attention, that’s good. Now, don’t be boring!

An avid reader who writes about arts, culture, literature & other life obsessions. @ennyman3 Look for my books on Amazon

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