When I was first starting out as a writer 39 years ago I read every book I could find on writing, purchased several, subscribed to Writers Digest & The Writer. I’ve probably read 40–50 or more books on writing both fiction and non-fiction. The two authors who most helped in my fiction were John Gardner (On Becoming A Novelist, and The Art of Fiction) and Dorothea Brande (Becoming A Writer)… BUT your review here resonated with me and I may have to acquire this one should I pursue another novel.

So much of Hollywood storytelling is about the externals, the action, whatever, but that’s only because it takes work to unfold the inner journey of the heart, mind and soul… the real quest. (Thomas Mann was a master of this.)

FWIW, when I created my first website in 1995 I included a page of quotes for writers. I think you will find some of these extracts helpful.

Good luck moving forward in your writing adventures.

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