When the Iron Curtain fell, economic leaders were especially interested in how far behind the countries behind the curtain were because there was no transparency. Therefore production numbers and economic “prosperity” were concealed, veiled and dishonest. Alan Greenspan, in his autobiography, stated that he and others took guesses about the GDP in East Germany as compared to West, because these were equal before the Wall… They guessed it was maybe 70–75% of the West, but were shocked when it turned out to be something like 40% or less (I forget exact number.)

Here is problem with State Run Quotas. If a manufacturer is Paid Per Crate of goods delivered, then they make lots of small crates with one piece in each that you assemble when you receive them. One engine can be divvied up to be 100 crates. The numbers look good, but it was only one engine. On the other hand, AND THIS HAPPENED, if you get paid for Weight, then you fill those crates with concrete, and they weigh a LOT….

There was so much stupidity like this.

Much more could be said, but poor Umair is hopelessly committed to his naive ideology.

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