Why Are People Voting for Trump?

We can learn a lot by listening.

Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash

On several occasions recently I’ve been confronted. “You’re not voting for Trump are you? I always reply that I have not voted GOP or Democrat since 1984. I have issues with the two-party monopoly. Nevertheless, many on the Left make a person feel that to not vote for Biden is a mortal sin. Or worse. They can’t imagine why anyone would vote for Trump.

Naturally this made me curious. Why ARE so many people boldly putting Trump signs i their yards? For that reason I decided to do a search and share some of what I found. Here are some of the reasons people are voting Trump in this election.

HOME DEPOT founder, Bernie Marcus, was recently asked., — “Why are you voting for Trump? He’s rough, rude, aggressive — completely un-presidential. I don’t understand.”

Bernie smiled and quietly replied. “Well, you know, when I think of Trump I think about General Patton… He used coarse language, his manners weren’t pleasing to the ladies, and his language sure offended a lot of Christians. But we needed him to win a war. Trump is our General Patton, and we’re in a war we have to win.”

“I believed then and I believe even more strongly now that our battle is against powers and principalities. And in a war between good and evil, we’ve seen the demons loosed and the masks come off. Evil forces aren’t even pretending to be civil anymore. I am on my knees for my children and grandchildren; I’m daily interceding in prayer for my beloved country, my cherished Christian heritage, and so much more. With all due respect and appreciation for the kind, well-spoken orators, it’s time to wake up and welcome our General Patton.”

It may be appalling to some of my friends, but there are reasons people are in support of this president for another four years.

I share these only for the purpose of increasing our understanding. To dismiss his supporters as nutcases will not win them to become your allies. Listen and learn.

Will this be the most contentious election in U.S. history? Meantime, life goes on.

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