Why I’m Tired of People Talking About “Awesome Content”

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It has to be the most overused word in digital marketing. “Awesome.” I understand the intent, but please, to hear the way people chatter about it you’d think creating “awesome content” was as easy as kindergartners making mud pies.

Synonyms for awesome at Thesaurus.com include all of the following: awe-inspiring, breathtaking, alarming, fearsome, magnificent, intimidating, formidable, terrifying, wondrous… It’s a word best applied to the Deity, though the Grand Canyon might give us a sense of something approaching awesomeness. I mean, it is pretty grand, as in the dialogue, “This is a piano, and that is a piano, but this here is a grand piano.” Unfortunately, the way we use the word awesome these days it feels like any hack can produce mind-blowing “content” as easily as tying shoelaces. And if you can’t do it yourself, you can hire people to do it for you… for pocket change. Or so they say.

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In an ideal world, everything is awesome and everybody is above average. Look at all these stories you find when you Google the phrase “awesome content”:

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(Both this and the previous one are by Jeff Bullas. Awesome!)

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Self-portrait in front of my wall of books.

So, what do you think?
Pretty awesome, huh?

Bottom Line: I’m a big believer in attempting to set the bar high, but common sense says that when everything is awesome, nothing is.

What is it you are really trying to do? Entertain? You’re competing with Hollywood. There are plenty of other reasons for creating content though: to enlighten, to inform, to persuade, to comfort, to connect with a community, to leave a legacy, to inspire, to spark a discussion, and maybe just because you have a need to express yourself so you can sort out what you really think and feel on a subject. If you’ve read this far you pretty much know what I think. Let’s scrap the A-word. Instead, try out some of these: useful, meaningful, engaging, informative, enlightening, etc.

What do you think? I’d like to hear.

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