Wilde Observations #44

A tossed salad of art, poetry and ideas.

“I summed up all systems in a phrase, and all existence in an epigram.”
— Oscar Wilde

Dreams and Memories

The former beats the latter,
for its focus is on what yet will be.

Anticipation is one-third of every experience.
Even when the experience fails, goes south,
is painful, or worse,
the joy of anticipation can be savored.

Of experience, it is what it is.
How we interpret it yields to us
deeper understandings, of our selves
and our relationship to the world-at-large.

Then there is memory.

How sweet when anticipation,
experience and memory coincide,
producing a kernel of bliss, warming us
as it nourishes.

This is what I remember.

An avid reader who writes about arts, culture, literature & other life obsessions. @ennyman3 Look for my books on Amazon https://tinyurl.com/y3l9sfpj

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