Yes, am familiar with that side of Gide. He's not a role model. As a literary influence, I appreciated the original angles with which he illuminated some of the Greek classics.

I discovered him through reading a book about (I forget the phrase) existential ____ (missing word) but it was about first person narratives like Dostoevski's Notes from Underground and others of that ilk. When he was declared in another book to be one of the three most influential writers of the first half of the 20th century, I felt I had to read him (James Joyce and Thomas Mann being the other two.) I failed to get into Joyce but did read the journals of Thomas Mann and a number of his books.

Gide challenged me to strive to taking greater care in my writing, much the way Hemingway did when I first read In Our Time. (The more I have learned about the man himself, the less luster there, too)

Most of his work is not the kind you describe. If I were to recommend something it would be Isabel, a beautiful tragedy, or his Two Legends, esp. the retelling of the story of Theseus.

Thanks for the comments.

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