Yes, I too was an adolescent in the Sixties. My parents were good people and teetotalers, but the world was crazy, with Viet Nam, riots in the streets, assassinations, etc. When my best friend was hit and killed by a car 20 minutes after we’d been together my personal world was upended. TV sitcoms and most of the meaningless diversions people give themselves to grated on me… laugh tracks and smiling faces while internally I was a wreck.

I’d been listening to Dylan for a few years without enough life experience to grasp it really, and then I heard It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) with new ears and comprehension, and I internally rejoiced because I immediately understood that I was not alone. Someone else had been in my shoes and saw things as I saw them. It was truly a liberation.

I grew up in New Jersey at the time, college in Ohio, but little did I know I would one day live in Duluth, where he was born. I have been inside both the houses he grew up in and am involved with the Dylan circles up here, promoting and documenting the annual Duluth Dylan Fest which takes place every May the week of his birthday.

Sounds to me like you and are are brothers of sorts.

Whenever I travelled on business I always brought Desolation Row with me and played it when I got to my hotel room…

Thanks for the comments…

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