Yes, it’s useful to understand turnaround times. In the old days you would send query letters and waiting weeks and even months to hear back, just to get word about whether you got the assignment. My very longest delay from start to finish was with Parenting magazine. I’d pitched a story on How to Buy A Used Piano. The query went out in January, and I dutifully said I would write the piece in 4 weeks from the go ahead.

They got back to me expressing interest, In September. As promised, I sent in the article in four weeks. I heard back from them in January or February. They wanted some stats from Piano Tuners Guild or something like that. I got the info and submitted within a few weeks.

IN SEPTEMBER, I heard back that the article was accepted and would appear in the January issue upcoming…. 2 years from the initial query. The byline in a national publication was worth more than what I was paid. alas… We are so impatient now.

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