Yes, one must learn to walk before they run. Here on Medium there are writers for whom English is not their native tongue and complex sentences can certainly become baffling.

As a lifelong learner I still try to learn new tricks even though I have been a publishing writer for four decades. I listened to a lecture series (Great Courses) on complex sentences (or something that had that within a broader writing series) and found it useful.

That being said, I recall a few quotes by Katherine Porter that were interesting. The first was, "When virtuosity gets the upper hand of your theme, or is better than your idea, it is time to quit."

The other compared a farmer plowing a field to a writer. The goal is to plow the field, it is not to jump through a hoop like a circus dog while simultaneously plowing. (Her sentence had more pith, but the image was memorable.) If the writing has a purpose, put the acrobatics aside and do your job.

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