Yes, that is what I meant. Meade came to mind because I took a photo of the Meade statue when in DC last spring.

I am from NJ also. Live in Duluth now. The oldest living Civil Ware veteran was from Duluth, a half block from where Bob Dylan lived till he was 6.

A classmate of mine in Bridgewater went on to work at the Pentagon and then developed a consulting business for business leaders based on leadership lessons from the various battlefields in Virginia.

I remember Victory at Sea. I remember the episode of sinking the Bismarck. Don’t recall Crusade in Europe.

My father-in-law wrote a book about his service in Europe in WW2. He was on the first shipment of troops to Europe…kept a journal the whole time and took photos illegally…. An eight grade dropout, to work the farm, but he was a reader and spent years researching. At age 78 he called me on the phone and said, “Eddie, I’d like to buy a computer now. You can teach me how to use it.”

Here’s more info on it if interested:

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