Yes, the “closer inspection test” does produce some unexpected consequences. Some Founding Fathers had slaves, and nearly all accepted slavery as a problem that the next generation could deal with. In that sense they were role models for every generation right up to the present it would seem.

Warhol was a genius who came to fame via his fingers on the pulse of the Pop culture zeitgeist… just don’t ask where the bodies were buried.

I DID enjoy Eddie Murphy in Bowfinger. Chiefly because I enjoy Steve Martin.

I myself am an artist (painter) who appreciates abstract expressionism. Note: Just because it is painted doesn’t mean it’s good or you have to like it. Nor does Original mean good…

Heck, I could comment on all of them, because your list is a good one. If you would like some add-ons… we could include …. well, let’s not go there.

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