You are correct that people measure success incorrectly. (Corner office, the right neighborhood, etc.) They also measure power incorrectly.

Years ago I was introduced to Janet O. Hagberg’s book Real Power: Stages of Personal Power in Organizations. The six levels of power begin with Powerlessness, Power By Association and Power By Symbols. (The corner office, the BMW, etc) . Most people get stuck here at 2 and 3.

Real power begins to emerge with Power by Reflection, Power by Purpose, and finally Power by Gestalt…. I had a boss (marketing VP) who was very purpose driven and from whom I learned a lot. One thing he did was walk his dog for an hour on the beach every night… to stop the bustle of the day and to reflect. The problem with all that Hustle Lifestyle is that it leaves no time for reflection, downtime for self-nurture…

Good article with lots of places one can dive into more deeply.

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