You ask, and I will answer. Yes, I read my writing.

I began journaling about 45 years ago and about 12 years ago I decided to read through it all looking for “the good stuff” to use for blog fodder. I was surprised how little there was of real quality when compared to the journals of Thomas Mann and Andre Gide. It made me a little ill to see how pedantic some of it was, though there were some gems occasionally.

The good part of that experience was seeing how I’d developed the habit of writing every day. Which translated easily into blogging every day.

I’ve also been a published writer for 40 years, and I personally enjoy reading some of the work sometimes. I’m especially proud of my short stories, and though not yet famous (haha) there’s some pretty strong stuff sometimes and it inspires me to keep setting the bar high.

If you don’t like reading your work, you should keep re-writing it (if the idea that motivated you to write it) is important. Fine tune it. and fine tune it again.

There are times when I am writing and I think to myself, “This is boring. Who would want to read that?” In such instances I have to either discard or re-work it. I’m always writing with the reader in mind when blogging or publishing articles. The journal didn’t matter because it wasn’t for anyone else to see…

An avid reader who writes about arts, culture, literature & other life obsessions. @ennyman3 Look for my books on Amazon

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