You Like Word Games? I Do, Too. Let’s Exercise Your Brain.

Jumbled words to test your wits.

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The other day I was reading about the early 60’s and thinking about how pervasive our fears were about nuclear weapons. While reading this article I noticed that the letters in the word NUCLEAR could be re-arranged to spell UNCLEAR.

Two minutes later I saw that the word PLANE could be re-arranged to spell PANEL.

While visiting my family in Pennsylvania 30 years ago I decided to try my hand at a word game in which I wrote a story using as many homonyms as possible. The story, for humorous effect, used the incorrect word in each case. A full one-third of the words in the 500-word story were wrong. The title shows what I had done: HOW EYE ONE THE WORE, conceived with a nod to John Lennon, who also happened to enjoy word play.

All this lead me to produce some additional jumbles, for those of you who enjoy such games.

PART 1: Re-Arrange the Letters and Name Each Country


PART 2: Scrabble Practice. J-Words
Once unscrambled, each of these 7-letter words has a J in it.


To find answers, scroll down.

There are plenty of other kinds of word games. Scrabble and Probe come to mind. Do you like Palindromes? Here’s a blog post with quite a few clever ones.

Here’s a link to my Homonym story, How Eye Won The Wore.


PART 1: Argentina, Spain, Algeria, Angola, Nepal, Israel
PART 2: Jukebox, Jumpoff, Skyjack, Lockjaw, Jaywalk, Jabbing, Jamming, Jumbled, Jockeys

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