You make assumptions here: “finite resources, like oil, water, or lumber.” I spent my entire life for the past 50 years hearing pundits say, “We will run out of oil in the next ten years.” The research has shown that there is far more oil than anyone ever realized.

But that is not really the issue. Instead of saying “we will run out of oil” we should ask, “Will be run out of energy?” Oil is in the energy field. Thus, as technology advances, more energy is being produced by wind and solar than before, now 8% of energy output. Nuclear is most efficient, but we’re afraid of it… . What does science say? I think politicians pander to the fearful uninformed public…

As for water… are we not in a biosphere in which water re-circulates?

As for lumber, maybe the problem is serious where forestry is mismanaged, but there are forests which are treated like a 40-year-garden… Harvest, plant again, etc. It’s a resource that can be managed.

I’m pretty sure technology exists to solve all our problems of food and resources, and now that population growth is slowing, there may be a basis for hope, not for a Utopia, but a better place than we may have imagined.

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