Your article here brought to mind a book by Jacques Ellul called False Presence of the Kingdom. Here are some quote from that book, which I'd posted on my website along with many others back in the 90s.

On Making Statements

"Everyone knows full well that these statements are of no practical use. They are not a way of influencing the government or public opinion. Neither are they a Christian witness." - ibid. p. 92

"For a great many of the participants in congresses, synods, and committee meetings, there is a feeling of not having accomplished anything unless a 'statement' has been made." - ibid. p. 92

"Now statements are never issued except as occassion by recent events, which means their value declines as rapidly as the events in question are forgotten." - ibid. p. 93

It is a false conception to think that "at every moment the Church should know exactly what to say about every exciting occurrence." - ibid. p. 94

Our True Calling

"Against all this [making of political statements], we must insist rigorously that the preaching of the gospel has as its sole meaning the hope that a person should come to know the grace available to him in Jesus Christ, that through this he should come to recognize that Jesus is truly the Christ, the Savior, the Lord, in other words, that this person might be converted to the True God." - ibid. p. 105

The fact is "that Christians adopt all the possible political positions, and we have no right to suspect their good faith, nor their Christian faith... That must mean, therefore, that the choices are made for reasons which have nothing to do with the faith... purely personal factors." ibid. p. 142

Examples cited:

1. Temperament

2. Sensitivity to importance of certain values (justice, freedom, peace...)

3. Past personal experiences, circumstances

4. Present milieu and station in life

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Ellul was a keen thinker mid-20th century on

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